Battery Management System (BMS)


Our Smart BMS system is certified as ROHS compliant standard for Lithium battery pack.

Battery Management Systems (BMS) are the brains of Lithium Ion battery packs. Our advanced BMS systems manage charging, discharging and output controls, as well as provide statuses of Lithium Ion battery packs and all individual battery cells.  They also provide critical safeguards to protect Lithium Ion batteries from failures and damages.

The functions of our advanced BMS system includes voltage and temperature monitoring of individual cells, pack current measurement, state of charge (SOC) calculation, over-charging and over-discharging, over and under-temperature controls, over-current protection, cell balancing .

Our BMS design uses a unique distributed system design that requires a minimal wire harness for a Lithium Ion battery pack and supports up to hundreds of cells . This provides unmatched simplicity and system reliability (in contrast to hundreds of individual wires reaching to all the battery cells in typical BMS designs).