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Are RV and Boats Lithium Batteries Worth The Upgrade?

Tue Jun 21 09:36:54 CST 2022

Certification: UN38.3 ,CE and MSDS for battery pack

Bluetooth APP on GooglePlay , Applestore , IPad .



Max continuous charge/discharge current: 100 A

Peak Current: 300/10s to 20s , 500A / 31ms .

Charge voltage: 14.4V-14.6V Max

Discharge voltage :9V

Terminal port :M8 or Optional .

Built in BMS (Battery management system)

Balancing function .

In series : max 4pcs .(48V )

In parallel : Recommend 10pcs ( 1000Ah )

Replace To Lead Acid battery

Always in :Marine boat,RV,Golf carts.EV, solar system ans so on.

It comes down to your “lifestyle” while RVing. If you’re running a lot of appliances like residential refrigerators, air conditioners, large screen TVs, and electric cook tops, Lithium Batterieswill be really useful in your power system.


1.Our batteries are very simple to install, simply connect your positive cables to the positive terminals and your negative cables to the negative terminal. Our battery pack also support to connect in parallel or series configurations (up to 48v). Our batteries come standard with a Circular style terminal post. These terminals include a 3/8” hole that allows for most ring terminals to work well with our batteries. For the best connection, we recommend either copper or brass ring terminals.

2.Multiple battery pack may be mounted in parallel in order to increase the current capacity of the system. When batteries are mounted in parallel, the voltage does not change, but the current will double. For example, two12V 100A batteries mounted in parallel can deliver 200A continuousl and 500A for 10-30 seconds. Therefore, all cables and connections must be able to bear the high currents that can be delivered by the battery. Appropriate fuses and circuit breakers are also highly recommended to protect downstream components from current spikes and short circuits

3. Two battery packs may be mounted in series to increase the voltage of the system up to a 48V system When batteries are mounted in series, current capacities and discharge current remain the same, but the system voltage is additive. should be charged using a charger voltage of 57.6V, and a float voltage below 54.4V.

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