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Best RV , Motorhome and Camping Lithium Battery with Bluetooth Monitoring from LiFePO4-Power Manufacturer

Tue Jun 21 09:17:29 CST 2022

LIfepo4 power is a large battery factory in China which has been producing batteries for more than 10 years,we mainly focus on the R&D of solar energy storage and lithium industries.

We produce 12v /24v /36v /48v series lithium battery for VRLA replacement and export plenty of mainly used for RV,yacht, boat, marine and small home solar system.

Now RV lithium batteries are becoming much more popular with RVers as they become safer, more efficient, and as the price point becomes less of a barrier.

Leadyo have developed an intelligent battery management system BMS for our RV /Boats batteries , users can download our APPs in google store and apple store to monitoring the stutas of battery pack anytime and anywhere in real time. Such as SOC , Cycles ,Voltage , Current , Temperature , remaining capacity /time ,series number , manufacturer date .etc .

Let we introudce the featus of Lifepo4-power 12v/24v /36V/48V Lithium battery

l Support 4pcs in sereis connection and max 10pcs in parallel

l 1/3 weight of the lead acid battery at same capacity

l Long life more than 5000 cycles

l With LCD and Bluetooth optional

l With the most safety lithium Iron Phosphate cells

l With the most safety Battery Management System BMS

l Widely working temperature range:

Charge :0℃ - 45℃ / DisCharge :-20℃- 60℃ / Storage Temperature: -10℃ -45℃

Here we have installation ways for your reference:

Welcome to use Lifepor-Power lithium-ion batteries (LifePO4 ) for your RV and Marine !