Battery Management System (BMS)

Custom Lithium Ion li-ion battery / LiFePO4 Battery Packs

Tue Jun 21 09:07:41 CST 2022

To ensure outstanding performance, only the highest quality cells and IC from today's top manufacturers are utilized in the custom battery assemblies we build. And builds technologically advanced custom lithium ion /lifepo4 LFP battery packs for industries throughout the world.

When customizing a solution, factors include:

· Size

· Voltage /Capacity

· Chemistry

· Operation power

· Operation temperature range

· Communication and monitoring requirements

· Charging method

Intelligent battery

  •  SMBus,I2C,HDQ,UART ,RS232,RS485 and so on.
  •  Bluetooth Monitoring ,Free APP on Googleplay and Apple store

We can also use customer's specified battery cell brand, such as Panasonic, SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, SANYO, etc.

LiFePO4 Battery cells : Clindrcial cells, Prismatic cells  

If there is no special requirement from customers, we use factory own lithium ion battery cell to assemble battery packs.

Why choose us ?

LiFePO4POWER Manufacturing has extensive experience with every facet of the design and manufacturing process of batteries. We make and do nearly everything in-house, including our own SMT and weve been doing it for ten years, puts Lifepo4power at the forefront of battery manufacturing.

Custom metal case /plastic case are avaliable

Custom battery pack Size , BMS Function ,Capacity .etc ,

Following pictures for refence from li-ion battery pack to lifepo4 battery pack .

Our process

 Cells sorting /Automatic machines for Cylindrical cell /Battery Assembly.

Writing a Program 


Packing with UN Carton