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RV Low Temperature Battery Version - Built in heating system

Tue Jun 21 09:13:44 CST 2022

LiFePO4-Power has led the industry with our unique Bluetooth communications and free App. We are again ahead of the competition by offering our Low Temperature models. Most Li-ion drop in batteries have a 50 Amp limit per battery. Our LT 100AH model can supply 100 Amps continuously.

Our LT Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4) battery designed for recreational vehicle (RV) and Marine deep cycle use.,off grid homes and cabins, industrial applications and more. The built in BMS system offers 9 different protection modes including, over and under voltage, over and under temperature, over current, short circuit ,balancing and more. Our unique Bluetooth App communicates directly with the battery without an internet connection.

LiFePO4-Power Batteries are much lighter and charge fast, much faster than any lead acid battery. Your RV or boat will likely have a compatible battery charger built in that is ready to use with our Batteries.