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The most stable Bluetooth Lifepo4 Battery on LiFEPO4 Battery

Tue Jun 21 09:12:42 CST 2022


The BMS on LiFePo Power Lithium Bluetooth battery uses the Impedance Track Technology ,the SOC data are more correct ,we programed all the cells performance into the IC to control the high/low voltage ,over temperature ,over currnet ,short circuit protection and so on .

Details about LiFePO4 Bluetooth Battery 12V 100Ah ,150Ah, 12V 200Ah ,12V 300Ah With a bluetooth app available you can monitor the status of battery pack andtime and anywhere in real time ,such as : SOC , Voltage ,Current , Temperature , Status , Remaining capacity , manufacturer date .etc .

12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Bluetooth Battery

· Free download APP on Android and iOS phones

· Bluetooth monitoring battery working status

· Good performance in harsh environment

· Intelligent battery management system (BMS)

· Support series or parallel connection

· Effective customize technical solution

· High quality and punctual delivery

· Trustworthy innovative lithium battery manufacturer

· High/Low voltage ,Over temperature ,Over curernt ,Short-circuit protection and so on.

· BMS with Auto balance each charge cycle .

Advanced Battery Management System BMS 100A to 150A continoud discharge /charge current

With heat sink for reducing the MOSfets’s temperature.

NTC Temperature for detection cells and MOSFETS’s temperature.

The most safe and flexible Batteries assembly structure .

Prismatic cells /3,2V 100Ah with Grade A and new cells .

The batteries are connected by screws ,and BMS and battery pack was connected by screws as well .

low power consumption .

LiFePO4 Power

Permanently free Bluetooth APP

Customized APP interface is welcome


Electric vehicles, RV,Marine , electric mobility

Solar/wind energy storage system

UPS, backup power


Medical equipment


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