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What’s Lifepo4-Power Low Temperature Lithium RV Batteries ?

Tue Jun 21 09:18:32 CST 2022

LIfepo4-Power’s LT (low temperature) Series Lithium Battery is specially designed with heating function that can be charged at temperature down to -20°C. The process of heating and charging is automatically controlled by the BMS embedded in the battery. The operation of our low temperature battery is exactly the same as our other Lithium-ion batteries . Besides, the Low Temperature Lithium Battery presents the same quality, performance and dimensions with our 12V LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery. Direct replacement is possible.

Lifepo4-Power’s battery is the best ideal fit for trailer, solar storage, tenders, inflatables, fishing kayaks, canoes and other application. A battery will not last forever and its life will depend on how well it is maintained and how often used. You are welcome to contact us for business cooperation or lithium battery knowledge communication.

We did an experiment with a 12V 100Ah lIfepo4 battery at -10℃ and -20 ℃ temperature :

At -10℃ temperature ,this battery pcak can discharge 92.9Ah at 30A discharge .

30A Discharge

Discharge capacity:92,96Ah

Recorded capacity of electronic load discharge

At -20℃ temperature ,this battery pcak can discharge 88.97Ah at 30A discharge .

Current products within the LT Series:

LP12V20Ah, LP12V50Ah, LP12V70Ah, LP12V100Ah, LP12V150Ah, LP12V200Ah, LP12V250Ah, LP12V300Ah.

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